Freightliner Columbia Radiator

A Freightliner Columbia seems to be the work horse of the class 8 truck market. It seems like every other truck going down the road is a Freightliner Columbia. Every distributor is taking a run to the basement on price to sell a Freightliner Columbia radiator. When you get quoted a price half of the Freightliner dealer for a radiator for your Columbia. You should wonder how can they be that much cheaper than Freightliner. These aftermarket guys are cutting the fin count and spacing the tubes farther apart. They are able to sell the Freightliner Columbia radiator for 300.00 dollars but they have 25% less material in it. Radiator Pros will never sacrifice the quality of our product on Freightliner Columbias to gain market share. Our product is made in the USA. We understand our employees like to eat a steak once in a while. We also realize our Freightliner customers like steak to.We have 10 hard working people in our company, add the wives and children we feed 64 American citizens every day. We stand behind our Freightliner customers we will stay late to service your needs.If we do sell a defective Freightliner radiator we will replace it with no hassle help you with the labor bill. My name is Joel Christianson owner of Radiator Pros. My personal cell phone number is 515-669-1624. I will answer 24 hours a day 7 days a week excluding Christmas day. Our Freightliner customers are very important to us as well as all others. When we sell a Freightliner Columbia radiator. We sell on quality and service after the sale.If you want to buy a Freightliner radiator on price alone you have to give up either quality or sevice. You can not buy a Freightliner radiator and get price quality and service.Our Freightliner Columbia Radiator for 2004,2005,2006,2007 model's is 595.00 dollars with a 2 year unlimited mile warranty. We have 15 warehouse's across the USA that are independantly owned and stock the Freightiner Columbia radiator's you need. Driver's please remember you get what you pay for.